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marble island | Vancouver

Book match modern fire place and marble island , Vancouver

Night club studio, Vancouver

Nostos Taverna Greek

Nostos Taverna Greek restaurant / Vancouver
Material : Royal cream marble tile
Marble supply , installation by Artin Stone trading

Brand new house West Vancouver

  • Wok kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Bathrooms

Master bathroom

Master bathroom ,
Marble : Pietra gray
Marble supply , installation, fabrication: Artin stone trading

Project : west Vancouver

Main Island

Material: Versace marble
Project : Levis construction
Marble , fabrication, installation: Artinstoneco trading co

Marble wet bar -custom style - west Vancouver

Material : Havana marble
Marble supply , fabrication, installation: Artin stone trading
Project : West Vancouver

Federation Towers / Moscow

One of the best projects that has been proudly used in Pietra gray marble are the Federation Towers in Moscow.
Federation Towers which are claimed to be the tallest towers in Europe.
East tower has 97 floors and west tower has 63 floors. The total area of the project infrastructure is 43,150 square meters. The height of the tall eastern tower is 450 meters.
Getting such projects requires the necessary infrastructure of the developer as well as the builder and architect of such projects do not risk at all to design with any marble unless the relevant marble has been used in similar volumes in other projects and the stone supplier should also have history of supplying the relevant volume of marble .

floors & slabs / vancouver

More details after finishing 

Gray Villa

The main goal in designing this project was to create a distinctive building as a monument on the ground level that was located at the entrance of the city.  The formation of this concept was done by considering the background architecture with the least impact on pristine nature and also establishing a close relationship with it.  This project was designed and built under the name of Gray Villa. The design of this villa was not only traditionally associated with nature, but also tried to interact with the context in a modern way. The presence of irregular rocks and towering mountains led the designers to design a project that sought to be loyal and committed to nature.  The use of basalt as a native material enriches this connection with the field. The use of gray color and large volume of gray, induces a neutral concept. The Gray Villa represents a modern approach, modern color and volume, a modern connection with nature as well as a reflection of modern thought.

ESmeralda onyx / Hampton, NEW YORK

 The world’s most unique luxury Green Marble Tapest is used by one of the most modern minimalist architects, Sasha Bekov, at his private home in New York, east of Hampton.

Bathroom / Cairo, Egypt

Symmetry and contrast with Pietra gray and Carrara white marble in the Luxury bathroom. Modern architecture is rapidly advancing and replacing classic, traditional styles and fortunately, almost the majority of the new generation of architects have also tended to this style. The relevant project has been carried out in Cairo, Egypt with Pietra gray and Carrara white marble from Italy.